A powerful app for your meditation.

From beginners to pro meditator, it helps you to mediate, and monitor your progress.



Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

Meditation Timer app have all needed features to help in your meditation.

Multiple bells

You can choose among provided multiple bells or can choose any mp3 from your phone storage. Same apply for environment music.

Meditation Log

It logs your meditation session once you finish or stop meditation, you can view statistics at later to check your progress.

Multiple Presets

You can create multiple presets according to your meditation need.

Color Theme/Settings

App is having some predefined theme but you can decorate your timer according to your taste.


App have feature to take backup and restore in case of mobile change.


There are many other useful features like auto silent, keep screen on, reminders etc to enhance your experience.

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Meat Author

Harish having a master degree in computer science and having extensible knowledge into web development and having more than 15 year experience into web development.


Harish Chauhan

Senior Developer

"Fantastic app. Simple, elegant, pleasing to the eyes. One suggestion, If the developer can add interval feature, with upto 20 interval, in the new preset form, it would be very helpful. I have a pranayama technique, where one round is of 42 seconds and there are four stages in it of varying time lengths E.g. 5, 10, 10, 17 seconds. And i have to repeat this one round of 42 seconds for 6 times which makes one set.. And repeat one set 3-4 times. None of the two presets support this format."


Amey Prabhu

"Love the app. Simple and just works. I would like to suggest one additional feature of being able to manually add a meditation session because sometimes I meditate without having access to the app and I would like to add that session manually to it so that my statistics are up-to-date. Update: Developer responded quickly and added that feature. Great app, fantastic developer and fastest response to request. Keep up the good work."



"Best meditation timer I've found. Pretty simple to use, but has nice features like interval timers. The included bells are great, but you can also use your own, which I did because I like a nice long bell sound. Love the ability to make several presets. The tracker/stats is really nice too."


John Wesorick

Install Meditation Timer and Start Using

This app is a handy meditation tool for anyone. It’s completely FREE. Meditation Timer & Log is lightweight, simple to use and has bubbly feeling to lift you up. Practice meditation the way you like it, and we will help you to personalize and keep track of your meditation activities. Another app to use as a meditation timer. have features like start, end sounds with interval sounds. Users also can select ambient sounds to help in focus your mind on sound.


Frequently Asked Questions

Huawei/Samsung Smartphone: You must uncheck "optimize the battery" in settings / applications / meditation timer / consumption details / launch parameters and uncheck "automatically managed" if sound stop in between, also please remove battery optimization

Please ensure that sound is mp3 and it is available in public folders like download etc.

Please take a backup and restore from new phone.

Please write email to harish282@gmail.com.