Mangal Dhun Group is dedicated to spreading the name of GOD and Praising HIS names. We do a musical "Sundar Kand" for FREE for anyone contacted us and by GOD will.

Contact us for "Sundar Kand Path" and "Kirtan", GOD praising and your devotion in divine feet is the only fee we take.


About Us

रामाख्यं जगदीश्वरं सुरगुरुं मायामनुष्यं हरिं,
वन्देऽहं करुणाकरं रघुवरं भूपालचूड़ामणिम्

We are a small group of participants of Lord Ram Lovers, who praise Lord names just in love for divine and with divine grace.

Our Sunderkand path organizers include Ram/Janki/Hanuman Darbar, seasoned devotional vocalists, singers, a musical instrument team, and a technological setup and support crew. The priest is usually chosen by the client. As per the client’s wish, we organize the entire Sunderkand path event.

Few of our last Sundakand Path.


Meat The Team


Nikunj Upadhyay

Lead Dholak/Tabla Player

Naganedra Singh

Second Singer

Prabhu Ji

Puja Management



"Fantastic team. Simple, elegant, pleasing to the ears. One suggestion, If the team can add more Bhajans in between, it would be very joyful."


Aman Bahuguna

"Love the team. Simple and just best."


Govind Electricals & Hardware

"Best Sundarkand team I've ever found."


Sanjay Tiwari

Contact Us

Please leave a message to, one of us will be reached to you as soon as we read it.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are not taking any amount or fee for our Sundarkand Path or instruments or sound. Your true devotion to divine feet is the only reward for us.

Yes we have a sound setup for small occasions / in house purposes, but if you want it on large scale please book a sound system your own.

We are a group of self motivated, working people. We do Sundarkand only on Saturday until unless there is a request for any other day and most of us are Free on that particular day.

Please write email to